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Topic: Chrysler makes changes to SmartWarranty

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T.Panetti  Topic:06-19-2019 8:34AM  -  Subject: Chrysler makes changes to SmartWarranty
Joined:08-21-2015 12:32PM
It has been over 18 months since the SmartWarranty program launched in October of 2017. Since its inception, SmartWarranty has been tied into Customer First Award for Excellence Certified by J.D. Power.
Dealers qualifying for CFAFE have been guaranteed a minimum of PLUS status for the calendar year.

The current timing of when metrics are run for each program is as follows:

* SmartWarranty metrics are run in the last month of the quarter – December, March, June and September.

* CFAFE metrics are run after a traditional quarter-end close – January, April, July and October.

In an effort to reduce dealer complexity, SmartWarranty timing is being changed to align to CFAFE and continue to reward customer service. The following changes are being made effective immediately:

* SmartWarranty metrics to determine Q3 levels will be delayed until July. 

* Diagnostic Hours Allocation will be extended through the end of July. 

* SmartWarranty levels will continue to be reviewed quarterly coinciding with the timing of CFAFE Quarterly Incentive award. 

* From this point forward, SmartWarranty metrics will be run at the same time as CFAFE - January, April, July and October. 

* CFAFE dealers who earn the award for the quarter will also be guaranteed PLUS status for the quarter. 

* If a dealer is certified as a CFAFE dealer for 2019, the dealer will receive a SmartWarranty exception in the quarter when earning the CFAFE Quarterly Incentive award.
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