Our full warranty claims processing service is the absolute best answer for all sizes of automotive dealerships. With a flexible expense structure (no industry or market worries) you will never pay too much or require additional help. The service allows your fixed operations the ability to move beyond the distractions of warranty administration and focus on real service objectives, that build business. Why waste another second, or dollar on warranty processing? Partner with WPI and obtain our always reliable service, for less than in-house administration*. Call us today for a free proposal and demonstration.

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Our customers realize that just one of these benefits we provide adds money to their bottom line. Together, they provide a foundation from which your service department can focus on key issues of building business, while avoiding unnecessary losses.

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Reduce overhead and remain flexible

Reliable fast labor time booking

Seamless DMS integration

Increase your revenue

Relentless follow-through and reporting

Reduced audit liability

Technician and advisor policy training

Third party insight

Security driven by technology

Benefits of WPI's Dealership Services:

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Reduce Overhead and Remain Flexible

Our system reduces overall man-hours spent un the service department. No matter what size or how busy a service department is, WPI is there with the right amount of help. We have the resources to get your work done quickly and consistently with the highest degree of quality. WPI's office is open from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm central time Monday through Friday. Our fees are based on warranty volume and value and they adjust monthly to your current needs, unlike fixed employee expenses.

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Reliable Labor Time Booking

We offer several methods of reporting technician time to service management. Whether the dealer uses a manual system or computer system to track tech time, we supply easy to use daily reports or enter the information directly into your system.

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Seamless DMS Integration

Not only are warranties paid correctly, WPI actually final bills warranty claims through the dealer's in-house computer system. Our expertise in these applications includes ADP, Reynolds & Reynolds, UCS, DDS, Alliance, Adam, Auto Soft, Arkona, and others.

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Increase Your Revenue

WPI outperforms in-house warranty administrators with our extensive knowledge, training, experience, exposure and internal systems. Moreover, it is our business to keep up with the ever-changing manufacturer requirements, allowing us to collect what is normally left on the table.

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Relentless Follow-through and Reporting

We believe all warranties should be collected. Our internal systems alert upper management when information is not collected or provided by the service department. We report this information to help management hold their personnel accountable before it is too late.

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Reduced Audit Liability

We provide comprehensive claim inspection. This helps ensure that each claim has the correct clocking, documentation and authorization. We review manufacturers' trend analysis and give guidance in troubled areas to help identify and resolve root causes.

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Technician and Advisor Policy Training

At the very beginning of our relationship, WPI management visits the dealership to ensure a successful transition. We conduct training sessions with the mechanics and other service personnel to review documentation techniques that help to maximize claim value and reduce audit liability. When dealerships have turnover in key personnel or computer systems, WPI is there to help make the transition smoother.

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Third Party Insight

Everyone knows improper warranty procedures can cost dealers thousands of dollars, possibly even their franchise. But did you know that many weaknesses in warranty affect customer pay? The same root causes that contribute to a higher trend with the manufacturer, often lead to non-competitive pricing and practices with customers and internal repairs. We help by informing upper management of activities that could lead to lost funds or unnecessary liabilities.

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Security Driven by Technology

At WPI we are always evolving and adapting our service to be the ultimate warranty claims processing system possible. Our system is the most advanced process available and we are committed to the continuous journey of making warranty administration and processing easier for you. From high-speed scanning to, online claim tracking and payroll reports, to managerial reports that help you isolate weak areas in your shop and repair them. WPI never stops thinking of you and how we can help.

Interested in finding out what warranty related expenses are costing your dealership?

Take a few minutes to fill out a simple form designed to aid in calculating the fixed expenses your dealership is paying for in-house manufacturer warranty by completing our:

Warranty Cost Review

WPI's warranty inventory is the best way for your dealership to get an in-depth report of how efficient your in-house warranty system is. Are you collecting all that you should? Are you building audit liability? If your warranty clerk or manager knows more about warranty than anyone in-house, who is checking their work? We will review a sample of your claims and present you with a clear analysis that is backed up with detailed and educational facts. Take note: In-house dealerships should do this at least once a year, similar to a parts inventory. Warranty is a large part of your service department's income - don't risk it!

These services were designed to help dealers, who simply prefer to administrate their own. Getting help will improve your own processes, however there simply is no match to the value or benefits of the complete service option, which actually takes the administration out of service, provides helpful reports, continuous training, and frees up your management to focus on building business.

  1. Warranty Claims Processor Training - The best 1 to 3 day training in the country, hands down. Send your warranty clerk to WPI for one-on-one training with the best.
  2. Fax-A-Claim Training Program - once you have sent your employee here for basic training we will continue to train them through our Fax-A-Claim program. Fax-A-Claim is a pay as you go service, that includes over the phone support for policy questions, annual inventories, and you may fax your difficult claims to us for immediate processing or during leaves of absents.
  3. Representation & Advise in Manufacturer Audits - Already in trouble with the factory? It is never too late to benefit from our vast knowledge of warranty. The sooner the better, WPI can help you analyze high trends and determine root causes that create them. We will also provide deep analysis of the factory's audit findings and advise you of your best course of action.
  4. Warranty Inventory - on an annual basis to avoid unseen shortages and liabilities.

NOTICE: WPI does not underwrite, distribute, or sell warranties of any kind. However, we have become aware of a scam related to extended warranty services. These types of scams typically require the individual automobile owner to provide their bank account information for payment. They are being perpetrated via phone, via direct mail and also to customers of some automotive dealerships. WPI does not currently provide any extended warranty services and operates solely to service the business to business needs to automotive dealerships. If you suspect that you have been subject to an extended warranty scam, we encourage you to contact the dealership where you purchased the extended warranty service. Please visit www.ic3.gov to file an official complaint.